SOULCALIBUR V - Lobby Crashers (Ep. 13 - There's a Kat Online!!)

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Jul 9, 2013 at 8:43 AM
Posted by CjHN2
Player match lobby featuring Christopher, Reulus, Komaku, Haruhi, Kilitia and Len - 7/8/13

Record: 7-1 (9-8)

The person playing with Viola, Tira and Pyrrha is the host.

FINALLY!! I FOUND A LOBBY!!! I FOUND ME A ******* LOBBY!!! I had some great competition yesterday; i've been outplayed in every aspect by everyone in this lobby but not like this, man. I began the lobby with a sour note, but regained my composure after I beat her Viola the 3rd time with Pyrrha. It really sucked how I was able to beat Viola on the final battle (2nd match).

Note: This person's PSN ID will not be revealed due to privacy concerns. The subtitle's the only hint I'm giving you.

Intro: Sakura Mankai - Hokuto (Street Fighter EX3 OST)

Haruhi vs Leixia CC - 0:00
Komaku vs Natsu CC - 2:34
Christopher vs Viola - 5:12
Len vs Devil Jin CC - 8:35
Len vs Tira - 11:31
Christopher vs Viola - 14:44
Reulus vs Nightmare CC - 16:29
Kilitia vs Pyrrha - 19:26
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