SOULCALIBUR V - Player Matches #35

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Aug 29, 2015 at 2:34 PM
Posted by CjHN3X
Record: 4-4 (3-0, 1-4)

Featuring Christopher, Iris, Maxelle Estellina, Kilitia Enhada and Wendy - 8/18/15

The 1st lobby's host was playing with ZWEI and Mitsurugi. I got removed after beating Maxi.

The 2nd lobby's host I couldn't fight against. There were some notable pro players in that lobby - Menace, MoneyMuffins and Sandman. Those matches should have been a lot closer and I should have played better. After my matches, I found out that that lobby was being streamed on Twitch. |:(

1st Lobby
Iris vs ZWEI CC - 0:00
Kilitia vs Mitsurugi CC - 2:26
Kilitia vs Nightwing - 4:37

2nd Lobby
Christopher vs Astaroth - 7:39
Wendy/Christopher vs Pyrrha - 9:53 / 12:25
Maxelle vs Raphael CC - 14:50
Maxelle vs Tira - 16:22
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