SOULCALIBUR V - Player Matches FINAL (Gearing Up For SCVI)

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Aug 31, 2015 at 11:32 AM
Posted by CjHN3X
Record: 4-4

Featuring Christopher, Satellizer El Bridget, Maxelle Estellina and Terra - 8/28/15

I heard that BandaiNamco is planning something at this year's Tokyo Game Show, according to a couple of notable YouTubers like Ittara Oda and LowHealthHeroes. Is it going to be SoulCalibur VI? People from the SoulCalibur Facebook page have been dying to see this game released. If this happens to be a rumor, I don't mind waiting until next year - that's when I'll make my move to the PS4.

I'm the host.

Terra vs Hilde CC - 0:00 *
Satellizer vs Pyrrha Omega - 4:13
Christopher vs Aeon - 6:33
Satellizer vs ZWEI - 9:12
Christopher vs Algol - 12:02 *
Maxelle vs ZWEI - 15:23
Maxelle vs Astaroth - 17:47 *
Terra vs ZWEI - 20:53*
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