SoulCalibur V Sibling Rivalry - Patroklos vs. Pyrrha MCM Expo Tournament (PS3)

OMG THE MUSIC IS EPIC!!!!!!!! What great improvement compare to SCIV
Wow they actually conversed with each other during gameplay!? awesome, also i get a feeling patroklos will be a dangerous character to go up against, his forward charge move deals ALOT of damage, charged or not.
I'm really glad Patroklos finally has a death cry. Screaming "Damn it" or "No" really isn't epic at all o.o
Holy shit! they talked to each other throughout the entire match!
i hate how pyrrha calls her brother Patrokolos...i know, it's been a while the two have spoken to each other but she could at least remember his name.


Nov 14, 2011 at 4:32 AM
Posted by KeigoNiwa
Patroklos takes on his sister Pyrrha in this gameplay movie. This also displays some examples of character dependent phrases.
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