Soulcalibur V - Yoshimitsu JF4Ax5 iMCF combo.

I've tried iMCF after JF4Ax5, I tought it was gone, is super hard, you can't miss 1 frame, nice.
I really want to post an entire JF4Ax5 recovery shenanigans video. I don't know if I can with cellphone vids though, shit sucks.


Mar 26, 2012 at 8:33 PM
Posted by mkl
121 damage, all guaranteed on counter hit/catching an opponent in step. Of course the asterisk is that you'll randomly fall over after JF4A sometimes. Dammit Namco, we don't need any of that Dampierre shit in our Yoshi.

This combo redefines execution barrier.
3     2     1,308