SoulCalibur VI vs. Tekken 7: What's The DIFFERENCE?

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Apr 18, 2020 at 2:23 PM
Posted by Force_of_Nature
Session #3 looks at the Namco 3D Fighters SoulCalibur VI and Tekken 7. In this new series I take a look at two different Fighting Games whilst looking to answer the question: What's The Difference?
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*Note that this video will output in 4K60fps when fully processed. I don't upload videos in 360p anymore haha

*Additional Notes:
- In Tekken 7 some characters (i.e Eliza, Geese & Akuma) have their own personal bars of meter, ala 2D style
- In SCVI some characters have their own personal meter denoted by an icon to the outside corner below their health bar

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