【SOULCALIBURⅤ JAPAN TOURNAMENT】West qualify & World Final Tournament XBOX360 Final Arutena

Nice 1B'ing. LOL@WRAA hitting everyone. Good timing I guess..
Wow Japan sux so hard at this game :S
Actually I would say they are bad vs Sieg, because that those Sieg players were pretty under-whelming imo. No wonder why people say Japan sucks at this game!
They are not bad vs Sieg ... its just that their Sieg players are good.
Damn Japan, why u so bad vs Sieg?


Mar 30, 2012 at 10:56 AM
Posted by masakarijin
2012年3月17日(SAT)『SOULCALIBURⅤJAPAN TOURNAMENT』West qualify & World Final Tournament PS3 Final Arutena
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Commentary:MC Tsuno☆Kyou・Project Soul Ushiguchi ・ Takahashi

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