"Cause I know how you guys like dramaaa" Heheh, this made me laugh :(
I searched this guy on Youtube. EVERY time he comments he complains about the "spamming." It is hilarious! Guy is in 100% denial.
Jrasta please teach me your ways.
People ... because you never know how far he can get his ignorance.
... this is just what you get for playing on XBL in the first place ^^ =p

also Alex, Algol has bubble shots, clearly the cheapest move in the game. I wouldn't assume people will accept a word you say though. Clearly the best way to do it is to state the opposite of what you believe, kind of like reverse-psychology, you'll just have to be my guinea pigs I guess...
Yup, and doing nothing but AAB, BBA and BBK is legit. What a moron.
I think it's reverse talk, like ur a spamming scrub=ur really good.
You should of corrected him because he was wrong. Ezio has a flaming shot also, not to mention crossbow.
Dude could've tried to sidestep.


May 7, 2013 at 2:56 AM
Posted by feelmylance
I should have spammed b:K
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