Sometimes you know an attack is coming but unsure of the exact timing. That's when the CE outweighs the GI. Personally though, I'm going to weed it out except for the occasional dandelion or two.
Very informative video, thanx page. But I think you forgot to mention something: Nightmare's CE does 220 damage if you hit your opponent without the GI. (the most powerful CE in the game; and 100 % meter and 220 dmg is more than worth it) True, it's hard to pull off, and it seems easy to avoid, but then again, it would be like a relatively slow unblockable: with good timing and skill, it can be done. (like Astaroth's 236 B+G, or some of Yoshimitsu's unblockables)
GI cost meter and opponent can reGI
JG cost no meter and opponent can watch your fancy combo


Feb 8, 2012 at 4:11 AM
Posted by page
it really isn't that great
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