TGN 30th Night​『SOULCALIBUR V​』New Character PV

Xiba looks funny and i hope Aeon can use his wings outside of his CE. The others where a pretty weak demonstration imo.
Cervantes's CE is so... GENERIC! UGH! ;-; oh well, if he keeps his teleport moves and has new supernatural moves all is forgiven.

Xiba and Aeon look fun!

Yoshi also looks fun but that design he has now really bothers be, i'll just have to change him in character creation then tis' all good. ^_^
Loving Xiba so far. Yoshimitsu and Aeon are fucking epic. Cervantes is Cervantes, but is still nonetheless, cool IMO.
YEA!!!!!!! I like the CE's except for Cervantes' one bullet shot? come on!!!! H e could got more than that.
I'm also guessing that each character has their theme playing during their part of the trailer. All of them sound really amazing.
Nice to see them in action, but the most exciting thing from this trailer is how Norio MFing Wakamoto is the voice of the new Yoshi.
muchas gracias! characters look great but that trailer sucked though
LOL Lizardman, Xiba, and Yoshimitsu having cool critical edges and Cervantes get a bullet shot!
but awesome reveal!
Wish Yoshi's CE was flashier but hey, if it heals like some have speculated then trololol.


Nov 20, 2011 at 10:05 PM
Posted by Fatal_Exodus
New trailer featuring Xiba, Cervantes, Aeon, and Yoshimitsu.
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