The Greatest Unexpected Whiff!!

Just uploaded a video of something kinda similar happening to me. Random CE should never fail D:
  • NotFenris

Damn you suck.
Tech step! At least you weren't using Xiba?
well wen u did that CE, damp was kickin as u did it. certain moves can dodge while hittin. im guessing his kick is a stepping attack that blocks certain verticle moves such as ur CE ^^ haha probably not a wiff but it is frustrating that it miss even wen that damp player didnt know it was gonna work...LUCKY!!!! xP
Thats been happening to me too....It really pisses me off xDD


Aug 28, 2012 at 3:09 PM
Posted by AZYG4LYFE
You know the feeling where you do a move and the CE animation begins and you think to yourself, "ahh man stupid CE, I'm gonna get hit and lose"

Well there was a twist of fate....:D

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