The power of the god salien..JG

Zombiebear666... For this video I uploaded, I do not got to say I'm amazing, I just went up to see rookies like your posting, so I invite you to my room and show them my power ... 590 wins 6 loses in ranked match....hurt?
@Zombie, that's true, he has vídeos beating Omegadr & Lolo, I used to think I'm good in this game until I play him, but thanks to him I'm improving my game.
Really? JG some bullets and 4A+B, that makes u a pro? U gotta have a better video of this guy... I'm sure he's amazing at JG, this vid just isn't a good enough demonstration...
[Spanish] Ja, ja, que buena Jack, ese último round me recordó las clases que me diste xD
No manches vato!! Im not usually scared of many algols. But after playing you the other day....algol makes me shit myself!!


Jul 19, 2012 at 1:03 PM
Posted by jacksalien
Esto tambien Lo hago con los ojos cerrados ^^
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