THUNDERDOME #60 Kietsero vs Xeph

lol Lock I know of unlee wan wei, tu bit dis ting...cumbine our powa...
*behold the might of LockDownZER0*
Zer0 I think we might be able to defeat Xeph in a NM mirror if we combine our powa Kappa
lol rip in peace Kietsero...also jeez Xeph is beast with NM
Lol Xeph plays NM? Or did he just solid this man into oblivion with basics?
Wow, Kietsoro got rekted so hard that it reminded me of DIME pwning me in NM mirrors back then.
Lol man i missed this??


Aug 12, 2014 at 9:21 PM
Posted by Party Wolf
FT10 NM mirror match
7     3     2,299