Tira Gloomy A+B buffer glitch

O wow...I always thought something was funny whenever I tried that buffer during a fight.
O wow...I always thought something was funny whenever I tried that buffer during a fight.
The same thing happens when you try to buffer 6A+B after an updraft K. It sucks so much.
Not if you buffer it from gloomy A/B/K. You can see me buffer it from standing K there. I cut out a lot of the experimentation because it was just me messing around before people came for casuals, but you'll see on stream that block/whiff makes no difference. The biggest conclusion that I came to is to get the A+B to work, you have to time the input to precisely come after the A/B/K has completely recovered.

Any other move it seems to work fine (for example, you can easily buffer 1B, A+B from both stances)
Does the AGI comes out if the opponent retaliates after the 1st A?
thats such an obscure glitch. it can seriously fuck someone up
Voldo has something similar to this with his WR A+B. If you do WR A+B too quickly after a move that recovers in crouch, you'll get WR A instead. It's probably one of the things I dislike most about playing Voldo, but it is a challenge mastering the timing for getting WR A+B after a recovering FC move so I feel good when I actually do get WR A+B to come out. It probably misses the untrained eye so it's a self satisfying accomplishment. Anyways, yeah, this buffer system is wonky. /end ramble


Feb 4, 2013 at 12:48 AM
Posted by crow_winters
You cannot buffer Gloomy A+B from standing A/B/K. I discovered this randomly while waiting for people to come over for Calibur night. Notice the inputs. I'm inputting A, A+B, but always get neutral A, neutral A. Note that if you buffer the Jolly A+B from neutral A/B/K, it always works and you get A/B/K, A+B. -- www.twitch.tv/crowwinters/c/1895034&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=crowwinters&utm_medium=youtube
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