Trying Out a New Secondary

Ring is Ring. Unless you have a hat, he will read your mind, he will iCS you and He WILL KILL YOU.
@ZeroEffect: I went for CS at 0:23 as well :P
I'm flattered you'd put me in the same category as Ring, haha! But yeah, I say it a lot - Ivy is a very underestimated character.
I wonder whether some players would still think Ivy is so bad, if they had ever played you or Ring.


Oct 21, 2013 at 8:59 PM
Posted by HolyCarp
Just a compilation of some random replays I had. If you have any advice, please tell me!

I know my punishment isn't perfect with her, and also these videos were taken before I learned the 22B JFs, but I welcome any constructive criticism.
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