Zanaken, do girls think you are attractive?
That attack is so free! The average human's reaction speed is .2 of a second, the game runs at 60fps. That's math.
Lan told Rand about this. He called it "sheathing the sword". Rand and Lan both employed it to great effect in their battles.
The reason this was uploaded in the first place is for the funnies. There is no mixup here, grounded A+B is very much reactable but dis waz onlines hue. But sure i dont completely disagree in another context.
I was talking about this at a recent tourney. The best thing to do after feinting a low is a low. Most lows aren't actually quick enough to properly do a mid, so it seems to work very well where people think they are being clever by predicting a low.

Even things like Raph's 11B or Lexia's FC 3A+BG are usually too slow to actually trick your opponent. Things like The former's WR A+BA Work, but that's mainly down to the follow up looking a lot like the actual full string.


Nov 20, 2014 at 11:19 PM
Posted by Party Wolf
Xiba has a few tricks up his sleeve (lizard stun gun)
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