Voldo's Ringout Mixups - A Comprehensive Guide

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Nov 1, 2018 at 12:59 PM
Posted by CiaraElizabeth0
0:09 Overview
0:46 Front Ringout
5:05 Left Ringout
6:59 Ring Ringout
8:45 Back Ringout
10:40 Recap


Ringouts List:

(Note: These aren't every single option, but are the ones I find the most useful)

Forward Ringouts:
- 44B (into 4K 8A), or just 4K into 8A
- CR A+B
- CR K (into MCFT 66 B+K, MCFT 4K)
- [You're facing the edge] sidestep right [ The edge is now to your right], throw (gives left side throw, rings out)
- MCFT B (into 666B)
- MCFT counterhit B+K (into MCFT 66 B+K, MCFT 4K)
- MCHT A (into MCFT B, 666B)
- MCHT B (into 4K 8A)
- MCHT 66 Lethal Hit (into MCHT A, MCFT B, 666B)
- 3A+B can also ring out, but if the opponent crouches it you’re likely to ring yourself out

Left Ringouts:
- A+G
- 44B (into 4K, BS 6K)
- 22_88K (towards the left)
- BS ws A

Right Ringouts:
- 22_88B (into ABA)
- 22_88K (towards the right)
- 4A+B unblockable
- 44B (into 4K 8A) (The 44B shifts your position to the left, allowing 4K 8A to ringout)
- BS 9A (into ABA)

Back Ringouts:
- ws (into MCHT A, MCFT 4K)
- ws B (into 9A)
- [My back is to the edge] 22_88B (edge is now to my right) into ABA Ringout
- [My back is to the edge] 22_88B (edge is now to my left) into 666B, 2[A+B] (sometimes rings out. If not, their back is to the edge and you're at +10 frame advantage)
- MCHT Lethal Hit 66 (into MCHT 66 B+K, MCFT 66 B+K, MCFT 4K)
- MCHT counterhit B+K (into MCHT B+K, MCFT 4K)
- MCFT A (into MCHT B+K, MCHT 4K) (This was omitted from the video! At 10:05 I said MCFT A into MCHT B is the best ringout option, but this combo gives much greater carry)

Soul Charge makes the "MCHT / MCFT counterhit B+K" starters work on normal hit (rather than just counterhit), and the same combo is used.

(Terminology: https://gyazo.com/93ab6a3220644c9d565e37fa5894bd40)


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