I think NM's FC 3B is less negative at tip, like a lot of Sieg's/NM's moves
Guys, I noticed something weird. I knew something was wrong but I overlooked it and I thought it was normal.


at around 1:49 I JG sandman's 3b, right after he blocked my NM's FC 3B, which should have hit as it is punishable.

I tested this in training mode and sieg's 3b definately should have hit, but I JG'd it in the video above.

Further analysis I noticed that this JG is one of those 'red' JG's that are like ukemi JG and shit.

If you pause at 1:49 you can literally see red in the JG which confirms that it is abnormal.

Does this mean that I discovered something game-breaking? Maybe, because I can't seem to pull this off offline.
It's too bad I can only save up to 8 last battles. We were pretty dead even and sure :D
Ewwwwwww I sucked wicked bad in these! Can we play again soon?
Both of ours are different. Mines more mix up heavy, his has better use of aGA.
I've played Cerv for a long time, and learned the timing to aGIs a long time before I learned to jg. I actually learned to jg because I picked Sieg. And I picked up Sieg because no one good used his SC 4 attire.
Yeah! You're sieg is well on par with sandman's xD

Btw it really amazes me on how well you know how to step NM's 33B, and aGA with Cervy..godlike
Looks like my Sieg has trained you well.
Part 2


Jul 15, 2014 at 8:18 PM
Posted by LockDownZ
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