wat happens wen ALGOL spams BT B+K

We need more discussions and videos like this.
damn Evil_Zutus ur comment and profile pic bring me back to the days before the roster was revealed lmao....oh sooooo many tears.
not making fun of u though (R.I.P. Setsuka and Amy)
Lol at the salt here... watch like, dislike, and move on
I just can't stand Algol. Nor can I stand Ezio and Devil Jin in a game where the roster is half assed with so many missing characters. He is not a noob per sé. The time spent on development of these characters was totally wasted imo, and as such I find them insulting as a fan of Talim, Zasa, Mina,...
Hes a noob because he is a nobb. Has nothing to do with Algol.
Evil Zutus. How is he a noob for just "playing algol" that makes no sense whatsoever. You are uninformed.
He's a noob for playing algol *can't begin to describe the hate*
The only thing wrong with that Algol is his fashion sense.
hahahha yeah he keep doing the BT A+B like thinking : "i dont think he JG my BT A+B again....oh wait!" LOL....he just can grab you, while you attempting JG XD
Yeeeaaah juuuuuust gaaauurd, iiiimm a proooooo yeeeaaah. -_-

I posted this cause he "thought" he was doing sonething when he went BT on me. So I limited his options and instantly made the match in my favor, since his main tool to use with ALGOL is BT A+B. So yeah hes a nokb for not knowing other motivations to keep me stable. Hear me? Yeeeaaaah,.............. no u dont -_-!
Well done, you can JG things... and everyone who gets JGed is a noob, clearly!
a players gets his attack just guarded and instantly become noob....good logic


Dec 19, 2012 at 8:54 AM
Posted by FinalLifeG
just Another ALGOL noob -_-
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