I knew Mist stance had this potential, just never seen anyone take the time to lab it.
mitsu only gets 110 damage off this, he needs a buff
Some hitboxes are just stupid... also, the game is not broken, but some characters are.
at 0:03 silent step B beats only the RO A, and inconsistantly beats RO K will whiff leaving Maxi and rugi in BT situation. Maxi's BT B+K wont whiff in this situation while rugi bT B+K does. Also this trick loses to RO B. kinda in Maxi favor seeing as you dont really wanna press advantage after a FC 3AAA as maxi you would want to block here because people will use 2A in anticipation of the high thus bringing in RO B and if you dont wanna take the risk just block, where in this case maxi can punish the SS B BE with 6A+B, CE, ect.

0:07 No smart maxi will follow up with RC B from a blocked 22[A] unless it was hit seeing how that is a combo. Maxi will press RC A since he as at + 11 and pressing anything is suicide for the other player. tested this and rugi will get hit for an easy hit confirm into big dmg. Also RC K beats out this mist trick as well.

0:16 this one is funny to look at. LO A and K will stump as well as BB PSL1 RC A.

0:21 This is legit, this will teach scrub dub maxi players to hit confirm 44B :D

0:25 can someone say SWAGGGGG

The rest are situations i'd never see but the UB one is fucking hilarious. Good finds just wanted to share my 2cents :D


Oct 18, 2013 at 3:48 PM
Posted by Vini
Some Whiffs found using MST and SS stances against Maxi moves of his special stances. Some of them could be very useful, especially against repetitive mix ups and abusive players.
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