Whiffing a confirmed throw(Credits to ZER0)

hahaha I'm happy to have given you an idea, my friend :D
Arctic, did you manage to find the video? :D
Seeing the replay is making me wonder how. Then again a lot of the stages in SCV seem to glitch where walls meets edges. So I'm assuming it's a combination of situation and Siegfried being weird.
Yes. Natsu A+G BE. The difference was that she also put herself in knockdown. I'll look for the vid.
Thanks ZER0 you just gave me an idea on how to title this video and description
how do you whiff a throw...while actually landing a throw? whiff-fried must be contagious


Dec 16, 2014 at 3:03 PM
Posted by LockDownZ
Have you ever grabbed, hit, and thrown someone out of the ring so hard, that during the process of throwing you whiffed and they landed beside you, unscratched?
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