Xianghua Crouch Throw Tech Trap Demo Pt. II

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Sep 3, 2009 at 10:02 PM
Posted by A_Bad_Idea
Hey all, I'm back with more crouch throw madness.

I discovered a while back that the tech trap demo I made before wasn't entirely practical, especially in the case of the alternate setups. The main problem was that the video was recorded with the enemy teching backwards (I think), and a lot of those setups are ESPECIALLY difficult if the enemy techs to the side. So I went back into training and found some more useful ways to do it.

For one thing, it becomes MUCH easier to land the crouch throw tech trap if the enemy is next to or near a wall. If they fall backwards next to the wall without wallsplatting, it's the best option available; they can't front or back tech, so they have to tech to either side, in which it's possible to grab them.

For some reason I seem to have forgotten to record the 66BB tech trap. It works against a wall.
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