Xianghua Crouch Throw Tech Trap Demo

Yeah, technically it's old, but I haven't uploaded it onto this site and I thought it'd be nice to have it here to keep everything in one place.
Mmm... is this and old video?... I watched those traps a long time ago....


Sep 3, 2009 at 10:02 PM
Posted by A_Bad_Idea
Keep captions on, please.

I discovered a cool little tech trap that nets you a crouch-throw if your opponent doesn't wise up. A tech trap is a trap where you knock down your opponent and punish them if they attempt to tech roll. The only way to avoid this tech trap (aside from breaking the throw with A or B) is to stay on the floor, in which case, you can start mixing up tech traps with Xianghua's 1BB for some guaranteed floor damage if they don't stand up.

The tech traps you will see in this video utilize Xianghua's 22_88K; a tech-jumping mid kick with a bit of a slow startup. It's a bit hard to land, but it's +2 on block and it forces FC, so it's relatively safe if you can get a chance to use it. On HIT, however, it places the enemy right at your feet with +frames on you. The best part about it? It catches techs on ALL SIDES.

Now then, a breakdown of the video demo:

0:00 - 22_88K, 2A+G - A basic tech trap. Rings out front and slightly to the right of Xianghua.
0:07 - 22_88K, 2B+G:B+K, 6A+B, 66, 2B+G:B+K, 6A+B, 66B+K - The alternative, and the meatier one too. Once you land 2B+G, you can continue with the staple combo (6A+B, 66B+K). HOWEVER, as you can see in the video, you can omit the 66B+K, run up to the opponent, and grab them AGAIN if they tech! It's a double tech trap!
0:19 - Teching Forward - Easier to grab. They just tech right into your arms.
0:31 - Teching Backward - Tricky. Except maybe the first grab, they're likely to slip away. You'll have to step a little farther to catch them going backwards, but it IS possible to catch them.
0:40 - Teching Left - Also tricky. They roll opposite of Xianghua's grabbing hand, so you'll have to step a little further to help your tracking.
0:51 - Teching Right - Easy. Rolls right into her hands.
1:08 - 2A+K, 2B+G, Staple - The timing on this one is a bit tricky, but opponents who expect the K or 2K followup might accidentally tech on reaction. It's also a low, in case your foes start to expect 22_88K. You'll also notice from this point onward, I keep flubbing up the staple ._.;; But you know what it looks like, right?
1:18 - 4K, 66, 2B+G, Staple - This one requires quick fingers and a bit of chasing, but for everything 4K already does for you, it nets you a tech trap too? Swell!
1:27 - 3AK, 66, 2B+G, Staple - The second K is blockable on normal hit, but both hits go in on CH, so that's when you follow up. Requires a bit of chasing; backwards teching may elude you.
1:37 - 44KB, 66, 2B+G, Staple - Another mid option, but faster than 22_88K. The 'stun' shock might get an opponent to try and 'shake' the stun, thus forcing them to tech, and that's when you sneak in for the toss. A bit of footwork involved, back tech may escape.
1:51 - Well, it speaks for itself.
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