Yet Another SC5 combo & tech-trap movie

Watch through the whole thing. Amazing combos, presented superbly.
Thank you for advising.
DNS B after CE ... I need more practice. Timing is difficult X(

By the way.
I don't sure that ... why Some combos allowed wall-hit over 2 times ?
Anyone knows ?
I haven't watched it all but there are some nice combos in here. Some of the set-ups are a bit impractical like the UB starters, but I'm sure a lot of the combos would work from other set-ups.

For the Omega ones, you can use DNS B after 66B+KAB > G > CE. It's hard to pull off but I thought I'd mention it :)
Sorry for showing some poor combo :p

My favors are ... Alpha-Patroklos(2nd.) / Viola / Maxi / Tira(Best)

Better ... Patroklos / Pyrrha / ZWEI / Natsu / Nightmare / Mitsurugi /
Yoshimitsu / Dampierre / Pyrrha-Omega / Ezio / Elysium

Not good at ... Xiba / Siegfried / Leixia / Voldo / Raphael / Hilde /
Cervantes / Astaroth / Aeon / Algol
GOOD!! Yes, really like the Dampierre section!!
this is a 42 minute long video. ill have to watch in sections