synraii was very rude to me we have never fought and if we have i have improve ten fold since he refuse to accept that i may be good and continues to be rude lol but i mean it is just a game at the end of the day
i will attend any uk tourneys 4 SCIV if there is any coming up any information let me know i really do need to prove my self me and acefrost will go together and i think with 214a a move i would never use online would help me alot in the tourney im used to never using knockdown lows i dont need them but in the tourney i will be able to really show my skills let me know please!!!
Well, I suggest whatever differences you and Synraii have with each other, patch em up. He knows about tourneys, and check the tourney announcement section often for tournaments. The sooner you know, the easier it is to make plans and get on out there. People talk big online, but I'm willing to bet it's just grandstanding and people are cool in person. Good luck in SC5!
understood when scv comes out i will def be going to tourneys then and if u here of any uk tourneys please let me know there is not long before scV takes over this world and if yosh doesnt get confirmed im screwed but i will chose a new main either way maybe phyra or patracolus i love cass also so i might have to change if theres no yoshi
Here is the thing craig, it doesn't matter if you're friends vouch for you or not. Of course they would support you. They are friends.

That's why tournaments are the measuring stick. You can't make claims of skill without reasonable proof- i.e. tournament results or MM results with good players. It's not that people don't like YOU personally, it's just that you can't make claims like "give lolo a run for his money" with no experience to speak of at tournaments to back it up. It's like watching a good basketball player on TV and saying "I'm as good as that guy, just ask my friends who I play streetball with."
my freinds will vouch for me bboy ace bushindu i actually believe i could give lolo a run for his money i fight similar to him but i use less lows like 214a and 3k they are quite unsafe only for a vertical dodge
i have a bad rep 4 soome reason but i generally do fight like this
lol im not that bad i would love to go to a tourney or set a mini one up our selves
Yeah man, I'm too busy having so much sex with my girlfriend, making fat stacks, and curing cancer to participate in a tournament or social gathering for game I had enough time to make a combo video for. You know how it is.

Actual criticism: A couple of these are not actual combos, and can be air controlled out of or juked out of. For example, 6KK, the second hit can be AC'd after.

Otherwise a very impressive level of JF showmanship, it'd be nice to see you use these in an actual match. Now THAT would be impressive!
i know man but seriously who has the time game proffesionally i have girlfriend lol u should come on now
lol No I was saying you are on God-Tier with him. God knows how good you are offline. You should hook up with some tournaments in the UK.
ameteur lvl watever man thats pro level
Boss. An amateur level. God-like, now that's another level of it's own tier. Well done man. Come at me bro.
your getting bloody good mate ( jealous much :) )
Great stuff bro, your Yoshimitsu is boss.
I respect anyone who puts alot of effort into their character. Good work!
No problem. Although we are different Yoshis in essence, that's what's fun about him. He has many options. Hopefully, we can spar with no more tense feelings of lecturing each other. Think you can entertain me in good fun?
@0: 23. Xianghuais the only person can crybaby out of that. JF4AAAAA is random recovery. But I like to say it's a move for people who live on the edge. Otherwise it's a good combo vid of stuff that a Yoshi would do.


Sep 19, 2011 at 10:28 AM
Posted by craig
my first combo video a few combos i find helpfull after ive got my combos started or using the walls to ur advantage the last 2 combos are quite secret not many no about the 66a+b to imcf very crazy difficult combo only good offline really but fun when u do get it
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