Zero's Online Sets 2013 Vol. 5 (6 Fights)

@TerminatorCortez - lol, I dunno. I have a bunch of matches saved vs different players. They're not always the most recent.
You and MTfighter make using lexia look so effortless! GG's On a side note tho... Did anyone else see lexia just frame flash at 12:24?
Cross is a decent player. Trying to bring up a group of new players to the scene too. And yeah, Leixia has a few answers to SCH
Also, I like Cross's Zwei. He's got some good stuff going on with him.
I was playing against Leixia with Fried one time, and my opponent kept tagging me with 4K whenever I decided to 3(B). It worked almost every time. :/
Those matches were so good, I got so into watching that last match against Woahhzz

"You meet all sorts of interesting people outside the palace :> " - Lexia 2013.


May 26, 2013 at 11:23 AM
Posted by ZeroEffect317
Match 1: vs. Woahhzz (Siegfried)
Match 2: vs. TerminatorCortez (Cervantes)
Match 3: vs. MTFighter "gakel86" (Leixia)
Match 4: vs. Menace "theMenace985" (Nightmare)
Match 5: vs. Cross of Ravens (ZWEI)
Match 6: vs. Woahhzz (Natsu)
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