Zero's Online Sets 2013 Vol. 6 (5 Fights)

@Mayu - thanks.
Uh first track is from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Called Battle with Riku I think.
Nice Leixia, ZeroEffect317. I'm looing forward to see your next Online Sets 2013.

By the way, could you tell me what the music is on your 1st match against SaneOne96 ? Thanks !
lol, yes and no. Saion JG after nearly everything so it was a free guard break setup. Sure, I could've done something else but how often do you get legit 8B+Ks?
Was there a reason why you used 8B+K all the time at the end? ^^
@capocal - Yeah I put that in the description. I dunno why the 4th match audio got screwed up.
Yeah, these were fun to watch. Though my audio desynched by the end.
These are great matches. Nice work.


Jun 11, 2013 at 11:49 PM
Posted by ZeroEffect317
Match 1: vs. SaneOne96 (Ivy)
Match 2: vs. KrayzieCD (Mitsu)
Match 3: vs. DeathInMyEyes "DIME" (Voldo)
Match 4: vs. Saion "Saion89" (Omega Pyrrha) 1
*4th Fight video gets out of sync with the sound for some reason*
Match 5: vs. Saion "Saion89" (Omega Pyrrha) 2
7     5     1,120