Zero's Online Sets 2013 Vol. 7 (6 Fights)

@HRD - Thanks a lot man. Guess that means I need to play some more. I'm running low on matches for the next one, lol.

@Valcroy - Yeah, I got lucky with that

@BlueBoy - next time I'll try to keep a match with 2B+K in it.
Algol ringing himself out on what looked like it would ring you out. Priceless.
Great stuff as always Zeroeffect! I'd like to see more 2b+k by walls :P
Damn its always nice to watch Ring play. And yourself to Zeroeffect. i catch all your online set vids. Good stuff buddy
@Greatone - Yeah, I was surprised when he just asked to play outta nowhere. Guy's really good. Connection held up fairly well too for a while.
Man it's great to see Ring playing again. He's still got it!


Jul 5, 2013 at 12:38 AM
Posted by ZeroEffect317
Match 1: Ryan F. (Xiba CAS)
Match 2: DeathInMyEyes "DIME" (Voldo) 1
Match 3: DeathInMyEyes "DIME" (Voldo) 2
Match 4: ARU "Antics R Us" (Algol)
Match 5: Ring "Ring_PL" (Ivy) 1
Match 6: Ring "Ring_PL" (Ivy) 2
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