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    Kindle unlimited transformers quistion

    I was on my Kindle yesterday and being a transformers fan was delighted to find the,idw collection for the kindle unlimited subscription. Try’s looking again today. Can’t find them Dorsey anyone know if it was a limited thing or if anyone,know how to find them I even found the gen 2 stuff as...
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    Muscular my hero academia vs treamor mk x

    Hope you enjoy it the channel is mine (not advitising just saying ). So not stealing or anyth8ng. Will post more vids oh it’s cpu vs cpu. Enjoy 😀
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    What do you do for a job?

    kitchen potter for hotel. Volunteer for a special needs acting group
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    Mortal Kombat 11

    Anyone interested in the aftermath pack
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    Mortal Kombat Fatalities

    sticking with Lao the flower pot fatality was brutal
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    Rosaria, the Rose Guardian

    Awsome for,more pics but if urenhappy with it then that’s the main thing
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    Acarina. Hearts= jojo bizare adventures ??????

    Just reading some of the profiles. Of the hart characters. And it reminded me of the jojo stands anyone else’s. See this or just me
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    Rosaria, the Rose Guardian

    Not arguing ie each to their own 😉🥰. But least you can make out details. 🤔🤗👍🤘
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    Talim vs Siegfried sequence

    That was fun mate 🤩
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    Rosaria, the Rose Guardian

    Love it just love it. Where’s the power rangers when you need them lol. Nis she a poison ivy / Captain Planet villain type character. Ie eco villain or good guy 🤔
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    School of CaS: Advanced CaS Technique

    Thanks lol it does look,off lol. Love idea trough
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    Found a great website for ref pics

    This is a great site for ref pics hope helps everyone 😍
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    School of CaS: Advanced CaS Technique

    insaw this on a site so. Not mines just ref. How do make the legs shorter anyone know thanks