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    Mina Versus the world!

    Does anyone else have trouble with the Cervantes matchup? It could be I'm just not familiar enough with the character or I'm being consistently outplayed, but I feel like iGDR forces me to be even more defensive/passive than usual because it stops me from applying pressure at mid/long range. I'm...
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    If Mina is high tier, then I need help.

    What's worked for me best is playing defensively and punishing the opponent's mistakes. Mi-na overall is a very punish-oriented character, so knowing the gaps in other characters’ strings and knowing when to side-step, duck, etc. mid-combo and being able to react to whiffs is huge. Most AAA or...
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    Any Tips for a Seong Mi-Na?

    The only thing that worked for me against Ivy's 66[A] is B+K, since it lets you also avoid that awful low grab. The problem is that it is super unsafe on block and you get stuck in the close range.