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    Cass combo thread

    LH A+B, B+G!, 214 K, 1B hold, A_4A 107 Dmg
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    Amy General Discussion and findings

    22B, WR 214B~ RR 236 A+B_WR 236 KBB 3B:A RR 4BB
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    [Toronto, Ontario, Canada] SOULCALIBUR 6 era edition

    Team Tourney Coming Soon, I'll keep you guys posted, and will contact you guys individually
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    My brother had a 64 win streak on the beta with his basic Ivy -_-

    You're not fooling Anybody. Criminahull has been playing for All of SCV. Plus when you have good character knowledge it's easy to spam to Victory. If have probably the same thing if I wasn't testing out 4-5 Characters. And if course, Ivy is strong, combined with players not knowing anything...
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    [Toronto] Our public transit sux

    Who wants to play Soul Calibur this Thurs Fri Sat or a Sun? HOLLA
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    Where are my fellow top Tira players?

    Never Relent Im a Better Tira than you. Also werent you using Natsu too? Im better than your Natsu For the record I was maining Tira pre patch post patch and before she won Evo. Basically the only one on this hemisphere that stuck with her. What do you play on? I haven't a console but I can...
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    [Toronto] Our public transit sux

    Woah Oof. Dont bring my name into this Drama. You already were losing that match embarassingly. I didnt want Eli to win at all. But when you were down 9-6 I had to say something to try to motivate you. LOL Cmon dont use me as an excuse as to why you lost when the Set was sure lost. You shouldnt...
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    [Toronto] Our public transit sux

    Lets try this again. Whom is down for a Soul Cal Gathering/Get together around Easter Long Weekend. We need to celebrate Partisan winning Final Round!! Thursday Evening before Good Friday? Saturday or Sunday?! Please show your interest and WHEN EXACTLY you are available. ACT NOW PLEASE
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    [Toronto] Our public transit sux

    But everytime I try to post about Gatherings and stuff, you just come back talking about the past and MMs and 30$. You guys are still not over that? Oof it takes Two to Tango and you had just as much of an adverse affect on the community like Eli. I've been trying to get people to gather and...
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    [Toronto] Our public transit sux

    So anything happening today?
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    [Toronto] Our public transit sux

    Whom is free for Calibur this week
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    What do you think about tiers?

    Your Tiers are Salty
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    [Toronto] Our public transit sux

    Everyone Plays SC
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    In need of relationship advice

    Don't put them on a pedestal