An OG TTT1 player who migrated over to SC2 with the other Tekken players when Tekken 4 was garbage. Undisputed Best Raphael in the PNW circa 2001-2003. RIP SC2, fuck you 2G.

Played Raph in every SC following except SC4 where I played Amy and was the mod of the Amy forum at soulcalibur.com. I don't know why, I just logged in one day and I was the mod. WTF

Anyway SC3 was crap, barely played it. SC3AE was too late to stop everyone from moving on to Tekken 5. SC4 I played Amy, was okay for a while but overall the game just felt so bad. SC5 back to Raph, overall a weird experience. Raph got his one good move nerfed into the ground, life was shit. Here's hoping SC6 is the comeback.

Fun fact:
I made these emotes for soulcalibur.com back when SC2 was the new shit and newer characters had no emotes (jank-splits Yunsung is lost to history, that shit took me an hour to do, fuck yall) No I ain't doing any more of these. Raph emote is my masterpiece and I'm never topping it.
April 12
Seattle, WA


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