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    SC6 Linkorz (Siegfried/Groh) Vs Woahhzz (Raphael) - EVO2019

    EVOLUTION 2019 Soulcalibur VI Semi-Finals Losers Round 4. Can't believe this match wasn't on stream. Bracket: Find me on Twitter. #SOULCALIBURVI #EVO2019
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    TAS B TV - Live From Jaxeldome #17

    I wanted to give you guys a glimpse of what goes on at a Jaxeldome tournament for Soulcalibur. These tournaments have been the home of Soulcalibur on the east coast for almost two decades.
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    TAS B TV - Quick Chat With OmegaXCN

    I haven't seen OmegaXCN in years, so I wanted to have a chat. Unfortunately it was a quick chat since we had to finish top 4 of the Soulcalibur tournament where he placed in 2nd. Next event that we'll be attending is April Annihilation in Cherry Hill, NJ. SC6 will have a stacked tournament...
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    USA > France

    USA > France
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    SOULCALIBUR 6: News, leaks and information discussion.

    I just see them targeting a wide player base versus gearing towards a specific group of people. The game offers something for everyone. The movement and returning characters are going to attract veterans while Reversal Edge, meter, flashiness and other changes are there for newcomers. SC4 sold...
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    Best blog/site for SoulCalibur VI news?
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    Soul Calibur 6 Discussion

    The overabundance of fighting games was at the beginning of that year. TTT2 only had DOA5 to contend with while Tekken 7 released right after Injustice 2, ARMS, and Revelator 2 and with Pokken and MVCI bringing up the rear. People are more picky/choosy now because Capcom dropped the ball with...
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    Soul Calibur 6 Discussion

    They added everyone's "fan favorites" to TTT2 and casuals didn't buy it. Meanwhile Tekken 7 with 2D mechanics and missing "fan favorites" has sold over 3 million.
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    Soul Calibur 6 Discussion

    Besides the trailer and people using Sophie's cleavage in their YouTube previews, there wasn't much talk until Ivy was brought up in the media interview last week. I've seen enough of this stuff in SC4 that I'm not liking the path that SC6 is starting to go in. I find this ridiculous too...
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    Soul Calibur 6 Discussion

    SC4 was played by so few people that the only ones left still playing in tournament were there for the gameplay. Unless you live in Japan, I don't know how you could have such an issue with the SCV ad compared to what was in SC4 with the character designs, breast physics and exploding clothing...
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    Soul Calibur 6 Discussion

    We haven't even seen the advertising for SC6 yet to even make a judgement. Still too early. People fell for the LS cash grab because they like tits and single player. Lots of people noticed how jiggly Ivy and Taki were in SC2 and became fanboys. This is where the talk about tits and nipples...
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    Soul Calibur 6 Discussion

    If they want to seriously reboot the game, then they would get rid of that burly ass Ivy model from SC4/5 and work on a new one. The series kept pushing in that direction with the previous games and went overboard with SC4. SCV classed things up but went lazy with the marketing. At least the...
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    The Graphics Rant

    I didn't choose my words carefully. SC4 had awful 2P designs that you could also use as CAS parts.