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    Thanks for the warm welcome!! :sc1kil1:
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    Hi everybody! I'm Ren. I joined 8WAYRUN about two months ago, but only started to post very recently! ^o^ The first SC game I ever played was III (about nine years ago), and this series has been one of my favorite franchises since then. I main Cassandra and Yun-seong (booooy I miss him a lot...
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    When Yun-seong returns, what's your ideal moveset for him?

    Agreed! Honestly I prefer his SC4 face over SC3, his asian features are more proeminent so he doesn't look like a random western red-haired guy. Plus, his ~daring~ expression is kinda way hotter lol... But at the end, his SC2 face is my fav. :sc2yun2: That's most likely what will happen. I...