Hi! Tenchi here!
It all started back when "Soul Blade/Edge" was introduced as an arcade game. My first pick was a rugged, character, Mitsurugi, who seemed like the "Ryu" of the SoulCalibur, "the poster boy" or face of the franchise sort of speak. XD The overall lore of the game had me hooked. My sister picked Taki, and we began a Samurai vs Ninja rivalry that went on in every installments. XD I loved the characters, the story, the romanticized history, the visuals, the soundtracks. The franchise has had this epic substance to it that really captured my imagination.

I love how immersive the SoulCalibur Universe is. The CAS mode that was introduced in SC3, marked the first time I had ever created and customize my in-game persona, in any video game. Since then, I was inspired to make a fan film of SC3, back when I was studying Multi-media in college, which involved myself interacting with some of the game characters through the use of the dialogue mode in the SC3 game. From there, I was inspired to write an adaptation sequel to the film version, but the story content was all over the place. XD Years later, the soulCalibur6 character trailers inspired me to make my own character trailer just for fun. Even drew my OC with the symbol, like how they did with the canon characters in the trailers. As you can now see here as my banner. ^^

I'm currently working on a long term fan comic of my OC, based on my gaming experience from SC3 onward. It makes for good practice in visual story telling, while I work on my own original story comic. I have never felt so invested in a fighting game like SoulCalibur. I guess it made that much of an impact in my life, just as I'd imagine it has for many of you. I'm generally a casual offline gamer. I don't have as much time gaming like I used to. It's a long incredible story. Never a dull moment I always say. I guess I do plenty of matches battling the challenges of real life, starting first with the man in the mirror and working my way from the inside out. XD SoulCalibur certainly seems to reflect our inner fighter in many ways, when you think about it. From the choice character, to the fighting style and weaponry, there's a "soul of" type, for everyone. Maybe this was part of the reason why I was so invested in this franchise. It's surprisingly deep. Hence the question, "What is in your soul?" ^^

Feel free to check out my fan related contributions. I hope you enjoy as much as I have. :)

Tenchi8's Fanart/Digital Edits : https://8wayrun.com/threads/tenchi8s-fanart-digital-edit.21333/#post-817224
October 18
New York City



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