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    Herr-Kriegs CAS-Collection

    hey there herr-kreig, just dropping by to give your creations some attention, since you've been so kind as to give mine and others many words of encouragement :-) I think your characters are quite unique from what I usually see, particularly the silhouettes which are very full bodied and draw...
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    Svetnikov's SCVI Showcase

    Rensa is beautiful, you use like, alooot of patterns and stuff but it works so well, they go together splendidly The tiger stripes on feathers is a particularly genius idea, makes them look like the striated white and brown feathers that you see on a lot of birds, its a really nice detail The...
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    SCVI Tira Edits

    whoop, lemme just drop this here
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    SCVI Seong Mi-na Edits

    Here's a lil something
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    tigears' trash heap of scvi creations

    Thank you Vil, for your continued support :-) No sir, the concept art is official! I found it on Cassandra's page of the soul calibur wiki, I believe the artist is Takuji Kawano. If you are interested in seeing my own drawings however, I do post them on instagram @tigears, I would be honored if...
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    tigears' trash heap of scvi creations

    Thank you very much for your extensive review! I'm glad that you appreciate these as they are my favorites that I've created thus far. The Cassandra is my favorite to use in game, because the colors of that concept art stand out a bit from the norm, they have a bit of a retro feel to me...
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    SCVI Seong Mi-na Edits

    Awesome, I love this color scheme!
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    Umbra4life's CREATION Gallery

    your creations are gorgeous as always, that Ivy 2p is a favorite of mine, I have a hard time pulling off costumes for her character :')
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    A tale of souls and swords, eternally retold (SC6 edition)

    woah, how did you make the fox fur scarf? it looks great ^_^
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    tigears' trash heap of scvi creations

    hello again! I'm back with a couple alternate costumes and a recreation of sorts, as always please leave feedback if you feel so inclined! :-) First up I have an alternate costume for Tira Seong Mi-na And lastly, my favorite of these, Cassandra based on the concept art below:
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    SCVI Xianghua Edits

    Forgot to put this here Pretty basic but I love it
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    tigears' trash heap of scvi creations

    I'm back in school now so I don't have as much time to do new stuff (kinda waiting for dlc anyways) but here's another one that I did awhile back and just haven't posted yet I named her Tiriel and she's a mad witch character, but I don't have any fancy backstory for her, she is what she is
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    Book of Life: La Muerte

    Pretty! I really like what you did with the makeup and the flower stickers on her dress Did you try making her hat? Although I bet it's difficult, that part of her design stands out most to me
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    Awesome, these are super cool and unique! La Pourfendeuse is gorgeous, I haven't seen anything that inventive in awhile
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    I made alternate costumes for each character [SCVI]

    Awesome! I'm particularly fond of your Zasalamel and Myrmidon Cervantes, although, if you'll permit me to nitpick, I'm not sure how the myrmidon aspect plays into the design? Like, ignoring that title, it looks totally awesome and fitting of Cervantes- but, if I'm not mistaken, Myrmidons were...