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    SCVI Xianghua Edits

    Forgot to put this here Pretty basic but I love it
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    tigears' trash heap of scvi creations

    I'm back in school now so I don't have as much time to do new stuff (kinda waiting for dlc anyways) but here's another one that I did awhile back and just haven't posted yet I named her Tiriel and she's a mad witch character, but I don't have any fancy backstory for her, she is what she is
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    Book of Life: La Muerte

    Pretty! I really like what you did with the makeup and the flower stickers on her dress Did you try making her hat? Although I bet it's difficult, that part of her design stands out most to me
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    Awesome, these are super cool and unique! La Pourfendeuse is gorgeous, I haven't seen anything that inventive in awhile
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    I made alternate costumes for each character [SCVI]

    Awesome! I'm particularly fond of your Zasalamel and Myrmidon Cervantes, although, if you'll permit me to nitpick, I'm not sure how the myrmidon aspect plays into the design? Like, ignoring that title, it looks totally awesome and fitting of Cervantes- but, if I'm not mistaken, Myrmidons were...
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    Ardent's SCV CaS-Fest

    Awesome! I really like your use of patterns and colors, although its more patterns than I would probably use I think you pull it off quite well because of the color palettes you've chosen- in some cases less is not more, no? I like Pyrrha in particular, it's just plainly nice to look at I hope...
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    tigears' trash heap of scvi creations

    you missed one more ExEq, should we make it a game of spotting it? lol
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    tigears' trash heap of scvi creations

    Thank you for your words of advice! I did use ExEq in this one though, are they so understated that they go unnoticed? lol but yeah, I think I will take you up on your suggestion and see if there's not something more interesting that I can do with this one I find that, in SC6, I'm finding alot...
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    tigears' trash heap of scvi creations

    A new costume for my main girlll xianghua I know it's pretty simple and straightforward, but as always, I appreciate feedback of any kind~
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    Umbra4life's CREATION Gallery

    omg, these are awesome!!! I especially like Elenoire, Dracon, and Cecili, they're just plain cool- and as the others have pointed out, there are some really creative things going on with Cecili, namely the hair/hat and the stickers which really redesign the whole collar/upper portion of her dress
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    Fliptop makes slightly different people

    oh my god, dude, these are,,,,, sicK, I am in love, absolutely impressed your sporran is a bajillion times better than mine too :') time to majorly step up my game (why did i not use the feathers? what possessed me to not use the feathers?) they're perfectly within soul calibur's style as well-...
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    soul samurai's creations

    king arthur looks great! very nice moustache :^{
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    tigears' trash heap of scvi creations

    Another simple lady character for you all to criticize~ Her name is Emory, which was randomly chosen, and I just wanted to make an acrobat character with an all white color scheme I've come up with a little bit of background for her but it's nothing special: She's the ghost of a recently...
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    A Stroke of Madness Part Deux - SCVI CAS

    Your Raphael costumes are super cool! I especially like that one with the full face mask, very different idea for him, and I'm rather fond of your choices with colors and patterns
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    WySmash's Creations

    Cool! Mai was instantly recognizable- I like how you used the horns to make her ribbon thingy in the back That 2B costume looks great too, although I haven't played the game so I don't know what the inspiration looks like