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    SCVI Siegfried Edits

    Speaking of which, can you post the formula for your sieg sc3 2p? I cannot for the life of me work out how you got the colours right, through stickering and patterns I cant seem to replicate it
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    Chobek’s SCVI CAS

    Omg I love Kevin so much! It just seems so wholesome. And the colouring is really great. I know it seems simple, but can you post the formula for Kevin? (Unless theres some other way of sharing him, I must fight my friends with Kevin)
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    Design Help

    As a long time lurker I am excited that Le Bello himself gave advice. It was exactly what I was looking for, thank you!
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    Old Vs New

    In SC5 I made something that, (for me) was technically difficult but I was so proud of. I used the Pure Rings for eyes, and the Colour all - pattern glitch to create armour that shone brilliantly. I tried recreating her in SC6, I'm proud of the effort. I also have no good photos of my SC5...
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    My first Character after many years away

    I really like it! It looks so good! The hair, the necklace, and the colouring! So fantastic!
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    Design Help

    Hi! So in SC5, I noticed that Astaroth has this cool Egyptian weapon that I had played around with, and created a cool "what if Astaroth was a Pharaoh" character. I have found that kind of hard to do in SC6, but I gave it a go with a mummy. It has kind of worked, but I feel it's lacking polish...
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    Most Esteemed One-Shot Contest (Now in 4k!)

    This is my Conduit Character. He's been through a few changes, but this design has stuck it out for me.
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    SCVI Grøh Edits

    This was a post that pushed me to make an account so I could say, this is really great. It looks exactly how I remember ZWEI
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    Feldrassil's CAS Creations!

    Gosh this is all great! The WOW characters and Tira is my favourite