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◇ My name is Maury
◇ I'm 14, HS student!
◇ I blow my candles on August 11
◇ I speak English, Spanish, and Italian! (I'm currently learning Japanese)
◇ I live in the best state, California!
◇ My game console broke so I'm not available to play online!
◇ I love Soul Calibur! Played it when I was a child.
◇ I play Cassandra, Sophitia, Taki, Tira, and various other female characters.
◇ I'm interested in toher games like Street fighter, Mortal Kombat, The KoF, Marvel v.s Capcom, etc.
◇ You wanna know more about meh? Hit me up ot add me on Facebook,!

San Diego (Vista) , California
High School


"El arbol se conoce por su fruta" :sc4sop1:
-Famous Spanish Quotes

Join the Bakery Club! :sc2cas1:
or else....:sc2sop2:
Fuck you all who hate me! I don't care what you'all say!
Time to Rock and Roll!



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