I am the worst NM player to ever exist
Oct 1, 1991 (Age: 27)
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Maintenance Operative


Xbox Live


"Within the next 10 years, the thousands and the ones will recognize the twos. Once that begins, the side routes of the abmormal wavelength function will congregate and aggregate into a concretion. Once we achieve this focus, the next five will know the seven.
This is for ZER0. He knows what I'm talking about
" - Marginal 2016

Sett: code the game better
ZER0: code the Sett better
Marginal: That'd involve going back in time and fucking his mom tho.

YINKAMIYOUKAI: Better make an Edgemaster punishment guide next

Alex.J: ZERO the only respectable person from the UK Today at 12:27 AM
Alex.J: me and him should grab some cheeky nandos Today at 12:28 AM

YINKAMIYOUKAI: how to win a tournament in leeds *waves hand


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