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  1. linkorz

    Vote for Soulcalibur V to have a 500$ pot bonus at Summer Jam X!

    Hey everyone, as always, Big E Gaming will be hosting Summer Jam this August, and wants to gauge interest in a pot bonus. I want to get together as many people as possible and vote for Soulcalibur V! Let's show everyone that we aren't dead quite just yet. Vote here
  2. linkorz

    Winter Brawl X Results

    Results: 1st place: JJJ (Mitsurugi) 2nd place: Sandman (Viola) 3rd place: Saion (Hilde/Pyrrha Omega) 4th place: linkorz (Siegfried) 5th place: ANBU_Boom (Yoshimitsu, Pyrrha)/HSG LordXav1er (Hilde) 7th place: Jinxed4Ev3r (Siegfried, Patroklos)/Ninjaguy446 (Pyrrha, Viola)