1. Flow

    1 Costume a Day

    Hey guys, I've recently decided to post my costumes/creations on twitter, since my library is almost full. Posting them on here as well seems like a good idea. Enjoy! This is from today: These are from the last couple days:
  2. WeHeartGaming

    Thoughts of Hilde making it to Soul Calibur 6?

    Just recently started picking up hilde for SCV and boy am I really enjoying her moveset. I am getting a bit sad that she might not make it. Even if she doesn't make the og roster, do y'all think she can be DLC?
  3. Fender

    Soulcalibur VI rumour PSX and Hilde

    If the rumours are true and Bamco follow the same logic as Tekken 7 with unpopular characters being cut out of the game makes me think would Hilde be in the game? Also what other characters would be cut? this rumour is making me so hype just wanted to make a post and get people talking :)