Mod to reduce offline input lag on PC by 1 frame

    Soulcalibur 6 has 1 fake frame of forced input lag that can be easily disabled on PC with simple modding, just like Tekken 7. This is the meaning of the training mode "Frame Delay" options:1 frame = While Offline 3 frames = 5 bars 5 frames = 4 bars 7 frames = 3 bars 9 frames = 2 barsThe lag...
  2. TopazHacker

    Modding Soul Calibur III (UPDATED - 18.09.2020)

    As you may or may not be aware if you have ever modded Soulcalibur III, the original thread created by OOFMATIC is heavily outdated, as well as heavily cluttered. Seeing this, I decided, since OOFMATIC doesn't mod the game anymore, to just create a thread that will be updated so constantly, that...
  3. Beeb

    Converting Heihachi and spawns movesets to the Gamecube version of soul calibur 2

    Me and a few others have been trying to convert Heihachi's moveset to the gamecube version of soul calibur 2 but we've run into a hurdle we just can't pass. between version's of sc2 the endian is different, the motion data of characters is big endian in the gamecube version and little endian in...