1. gene0129

    Hello everyone

    I'm gene0129 on Playstation 4. A newbie to the competitive side of Soulcalibur even though I've been a fan of the franchise since SC1 on the dreamcast. Just recently started as I didn't have a last gen console for SCIV and SCV. Currently rank E5 as Seong Mi-na.
  2. K

    Hey dudes let’s keep the hype for sc6 on psn!!!!

    Hello soul calibur family... If you have time. Plz Join our “Soul Calibur 6 Reborn” Community via PSN Communities. With your ps4 or mobile...I mainly want soul calibur players or players who are very interested in the series to join. Where we can have player matchmaking, sessions and share...
  3. Steven_a

    help jimbo get a ps4

    he needs one so he can play SFV with me $5 you get to talk to jimbo $10 you can become friends with jimbo on facebook $20 you get jimbos snapchat and instagram (juicy) $30 two recitations of a fanfiction theater by ur favorite memester Jimbo $50+ Jimbo will make a song for...
  4. Kai_lombax

    Soul Calibur 6 Character Creation Improvements Video

    Hey there guys, this was just a remake of a video I made last year. I'm still pretty much into Soul Calibur's character creation and we most likely will be getting Soul Calibur 6 for the PS4/Xbox One so I decided to remake the video because I feel my editing skills have improved. For any of...