10% of OOFMATIC MLG Challenge (PSN/XBL)


Nice ill be challenging you, but i too hate money so none for me.


Mmm. Pie.
Money or not I was hoping to play you more anyway. Hopefully our schedules match up. I knew I should of sent you an FR after a few Rank matches the other night. If you see me on and have the free time I could spend my 21 pretty quick.


Interesting. I'll try my hand at this too.

-Stats will be kept hidden until May 31st. If it is found that you revealed your score to anyone it will be considered void.
Curious to know why this is a problem.


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Interesting. I'll try my hand at this too.

Curious to know why this is a problem.
I don't want people to be discouraged if they know that somebody has a good high score against me. Also if they know the high score they might give up and not complete the ft21 if they end up failing to beat it.

I'm finding it difficult to organize matches with so many people contacting me about it, so I'm going to post up my schedule of availability from now until the deadline.

May 21st - 10pm to 2am EST.
I will check my messages on both XBL and PSN at 10pm. So if you want to play message me by then and be online at that time.

May 22nd - Same as May 21st.

May 23rd - Available from around 12pm until 3 or 4pm. Then from 10-11pm to 2am.

May 24 - unknown, online at various points through out the day. But for sure at night maybe from 9pm to 2am.

May 25, 26, 27, 28 - 10pm to 2am, same as May 20/21.

May 29 - Various points throughout the day.

May 30 - Same as May 26.

May 31st - All day.

June 1st - All day.

Yup, I'm extending it, June 1st will be the last day to compete your ft21.

I mentioned it before, but we can do shorter sets that add up to a ft21. Such as 3 first to 7's or 2 first to 10's (sorta).


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OOF let me at you. I think I'm a lot better since you last fought me. Gimme a time that isn't this Wednesday and I'll be there!

also I don't want your money


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How's it going Oof, can we take a shot at this tomorrow 5/30? free anytime until 2pm. xbox, GT: nuez nyc

I'll send you a message as well


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I'd also like to try this sometime in the next few days. I'll be on at infrequent times since I'm on vacation, but I'll add you and if we're both on we should go a few rounds :)

My gamer tag (Xbl) is LordSturm44


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So it's proven to be quite difficult organizing ft21's, even with my schedule put up.

So I'm going to do two things.

First, I'm going to push back the deadline to Thursday June 7th.

The second thing is I'm going to dedicate a whole day purely for FT21's. On that day I will be online on both XBL and PSN, and every hour I will be checking and responding to messages on both consoles (I will have two TV's set up for this). The FT21's will be first come first serve. I will start at aroud 12pm EST and play until about 2am, with some breaks in between of course.

This will be done on Friday June 1st.

Let's do this.


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I sent you a friend request on XBL, and I'll expect to get the games in late on June 1st, but if you're online before then I'll send you a message if that's ok.


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Since this thing is now no longer happening, could a mod lease unstick this thread?

I may do this again for the next MLG since there was so much interest with all the people contacting me about it, but I'll have to organize it better, or maybe change the rules such as making it a smaller set rather than 21.

Anyways I don't have with me right now all of the result stats from everyone I played, but the one with the highest score was lolo from Mexico who beat me 21-17 (55% win ratio).