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Hi and welcome to the General Discussion/Q&A Thread for Cassandra.

Please use this thread to ask any questions you might have about SC2 Cassandra or to discuss things about her in general.

Thank you.


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If I remember correctly her cup size is reduced significantly in SC2 from SC4. This should enable her to backstep from some moves (pokes) that she was not able to before, right?

In all seriousness though it was Cassandras epic good looks that convinced me to buy SC2 back in the day. SC2 was my first and I will always remember it dearly.


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If I remember correctly her cup size is reduced significantly in SC2 from SC4. This should enable her to backstep from some moves (pokes) that she was not able to before, right?

In all seriousness though it was Cassandras epic good looks that convinced me to buy SC2 back in the day. SC2 was my first and I will always remember it dearly.

1st part = >_<
2nd part = My sister bought SC2 and I was drawn to Cassandra instantly because she was so direct/frank and fun to play! SC2 was my first as well ^_^. Her 2nd outfit in SC2 = Awesome.


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SO what are Cassandras better moves? What should i be using to poke and start an offense?

236B should put fear into your opponents minds, it is an excellent punish with RO properties.
236AB is a really, really good compliment to 236B.
AA is quick and good the ABK string is good for winning a round/match,
2A is 2A
BB and BdelayB, B6B, and B6 is a very simple useful mix up good way to mess with your opponents wake up.
BK buts your opponent into a FC state causing a nice little tech trap.
66K or 3B is a good simple launch into 236B.
6B is a really good poking tool, but very linear.
66A is a fast mid horizontal, 'nuff said.
88AA is a H/M string that does a good job of stuffing people who are trying to dance away from you.
4K is her butt, and a pretty nice butt it is.
66B+G is her primary throw threat because you get a follow up attack 44B+K, this is also the best way to convince your opponent to duck because frankly her low game isn't all that strong.
22_88B is can be charged to guard crush, it has serious RO potential on it when it hits. When the opponent is waking up near the ring edge this move can be very intimidating.
WR A is nice, not great just nice.

I feel like Cassandra is just so simple, it can be dumb or boring at times. That said there are a quite a few match-up specific items that end up making the difference.


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Oh yes, 236B for me is the star move of Cassandra (we are talking about the punch, right?), it is fast, strong, good for counter and can ring out pretty easily.

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Think I would add 44B and 33B to that list. I think 33B is a frame trap(?), also you can SCharge it and it turns into a level 1 GB.


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Oh yes, 236B for me is the star move of Cassandra (we are talking about the punch, right?
It is less of a punch and more of a shield in the face.

Think I would add 44B and 33B to that list. I think 33B is a frame trap(?), also you can SCharge it and it turns into a level 1 GB.

I'd like 44B more if there was a reliable combo after it. At its best ranges I think it is too far away to convert into a combo. 33B is excellent as well, it does force crouch like BK, I feel like it is positive on block but it may not be. And it does GB from a lvl1 SC which is fantastic. Also I forgot to add 66A+B, a good long range, though linear poking mid that can be soul charged to an unbrrrockable.

Moves like 44B, 44A, 22_88B are strong because they have nice TC windows built in, like really, really, really nice TC window. Similarly B+K, 1K, A+B have really nice TechJump. I forgot to add B+K to the list, it has good tech jump properties and evasive properties but I would refrain from using the follow up.
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If you start playing Cassandra I greatly recommend you reading a Cassandra guide written by AllyYourBase. It can be found on the websites that promote game guides. Just use google to find it. It is best for beginners and even players that think they are actually intermediate/advanced Cassandra players. It took me a while to feel that character how to play.
So here I'll share with you my thoughts.

First of all, Cassandra seems to be very linear character and she is indeed. If your opponent feels like you are going for low or high, he is probably right.
Almost all of her moves should be kept in mind to use in some nasty situations.
I'm not writing a guide here but I'll list hits that are her core stuff:
A starters:
AA - quick but the horizontal arc is not imba at all
AB - is ok, you don't have to finish(you should not!) it every time with K or B ender(K is good, 20 dmg with low). Treat enders like a nasty things. They are really punishable, check frame data to see frame disadvantage, but are really useful if launched from time to time.
AK - is good, pretty good. It is fast and safe. We like safe hits :) it also kinda closes the distance so you can feel free to grab your opponent - grappling is another great thing that Cassandra posses.
6AK - good one. IMO you should use only the first part a few times of this combo to make your opponent feel like it is what you always do and later try to connect blocked 6A with CH K ender for more dmg with additional 3B/44B+K or whatever you feel like doing.

Here comes my comment about it: you need to feel the character, play it freely. Try not using the strict tactics. It was my first gaming technique to play mega pitbull but it is only ok with lowly skilled players or it is only a matter of a few rounds to counter that pitbull.

66A - good arc, mid hit.
3AB - B ender can be delayed. Use it only if 3A is a counter cuz B launcher is so risky and unsafe you don't even want to know ;) well, from time to time you can use the B ender when 3A was blocked but on your own risk.
2A - unfortunately smid hit, but it is still a 2A. Good for mixups. Cassandra remains crouched after that hit so you can use some WS hits.
4A - most ppl will say it is a crap move and I somehow agree with that. It may not be a core thing in Cassandra's hit list but it is cool to use it from time to time trying to catch your opponent's A with build-in GI. If you are not pressured so much with wining you can use it ;)
1A - this is great however very linear but is not risky. If it connects you may add WS B for addtional dmg. This low hit RO also to the front and covers a good angle.
44A - my beloved one. If you charge A and hit with it you got an opportunity to land a free 3B, 236B. It is also safe on block, tracks and can't be sidestepped. You also got very nice enders A(low) and B(mid), both RO to the front and have different execute frames so it is a little harder to GI it(anyway, low and mid can be GIed with backward GI but it is still nice)
A+B - here comes the really core move. It jumps over lows, gives free 3B if connects, is safe on block and tracks!
66A+B - nice dmg, pretty good range, makes your opponent fall to the ground if connects but is sidestepable.
3A+B - nice, nice, nice. Can be connected with one grapple to reach 74 dmg from a 11frame grab. Also launches your opponent into the air allowing to use some followups(not juggles).
8A+B - crap but may be useful. It can be canceled what is a good thing cuz you may fool your opponent with that. Fully charged version stuns your opponent and you may do with him some nasty things. It also jumps and if connects you can follow with 3B (REMEMBER 3B IS GOOOD! :D )
agA - well, this hit if CH is pretty good. May be used from time to time, if you use it 2-3 times in 20 rounds it is ok. I'm not using it very often, only if I feel like doing it. Not core at all IMO.
22AA - fast, natural combo and RO ability. If 1st hit is blocked you should not end the 2nd and try grappling your opponent or use 3B. Both hits are high ofc and that may pose some problems if your opponent is crouching a lot but we got some other tools to make him feel uncomfortable with his crouches.
88AA - same as the previous one but the 2nd A is mid and does not RO. If an opponent crouches the 1st hit and try to do CH during your 2nd attack he is going to suffer. Still if an opponent is not aware of Cassandra hits/frame data/etc. I recommend to use 22AA version instead of this one.
11_77AK - good thing because K ender is low and can RO. The bad thing about this combo is that it is linear and has only one ender which causes most of your opponents to block the K. Anyway, first hit is an A, is safe and Cassandra leaps a little to the opponent what makes this combo fairly good.
WS A - great one! Safe, nice dmg and can be delayed for additional dmg and stun which allows a followup for 70~80 dmg.

These were only A hits. I'm sorry but it took me like an hour to write that much. I would like to post the whole thing but I lack time. I will post more of my thoughts here in the future.

Not speaking about certain hits there is a hint for you. Cassandra is very linear. If you are playing with the same opponent he may start to counter you badly. This also applies to Cassandra's frame traps like BK mentioned before (btw: if K from BK connects blocked, hit or CH feel free to launch 236B or b6 - if someone does not know that he will just suffer ]:-> ) or others. Speaking about linearity, doing unexpected strings it is a thing you have to master in order to succeed with Cassandra. Ofc she has a brute force in some situations but feeling the game and the character is a core thing in my opinion. That is why I did not say of any hit that is 100% useless.
Also you may say that I know nothing about competitive play - that is kinda right but I play with one of my friends SC2 for about 5 years or more and our gaming it is not a freestyle gaming or totally for fun gaming at all. We were competing with each other and still are ;)
So here is a little piece of my thoughts about it.


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I´m finding 6B more useful than I remember

Yes, is very linear, but is fast, strong and has good reach, I use it a lot to counter, especially when 236B won´t make it because of the distance.

236AB is another of my most used moves, can be really good if used in the right moment because it can avoid high attacks.


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Yes indeed.
6B gives you a lot of frame advantage on hit like +7 as far as I remember. IMO it is worth tapping it again if you connect like 6B goes into another 6B.
btw: 236B can reach the distance as far as you and your opponent start match. It can be delayed.


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top secret info that you don't use unless it's tourney/money time:
guaranteed soul charge setups (best used on oki):
SC(lvl2) AS B (guard break) → 3B → AS B
SC(lvl1) AT B (guard break) → 3B → AS B
SC(lvl1) 33B (guard break) → 3B → AS B
sshhh :sc2cas3:


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This setups you mentioned aren't guaranteed at all but have their own pros and cons.
People playing SC2 are not like Inferno at the end of the game who you can pwn with simply tapping loop{SClv.2 236B}

First of all after GB you have an option to GI the incoming attack and it is pretty obvious that Cassandra is going to do some offence soon after GB.
Also if you see someone doing sc any lvl you are aware of something nasty and mostly try to cancel the soul charge enhancement by hitting him on block or whatever.
But that doesn't mean it is crap of course :) the thing you said can pose a guessing game while you can become somehow unpredictable playing with Cass.
There was a time I tried using that GB stuff for improved pitbull style but it is a matter of time to counter that. Also the GI thing I mentioned before can just ruin it.

I recommend going for GB at the edge of the ring - another thing is that GI for lows can deflect all of Cassandras RO hits except WJ A. Anyway it can be used to get whiffed GI :)))

Good GBs are also:
B[6B] - this one causes Crumple Fall Stun on 2nd hit even if it is not charged/CH
22_88 - Tech Crouch

SClv1. 8A+B also causes GB ;D
you can walljump and go for GB 8A+B like hit tapping A+B immediately after bouncing from the wall.


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You can GI during the stun of a guard break? Shows how much I know! (There's a lot about the mechanics in 2 I'm still figuring out in my transfer from 5)

And yeah, I know soul charge setups in general aren't amazing, but I did think that is was free damage once you broke their guard. By the ledge is definitely great since you get awesome ring-out options, like another 236B.

Also, what's up with cassy's AT getting another attack option in soul charge? Do you think that has any use? (it's like AT into delayed B which can be GB or unblockable)


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Yes, you can GI any hit after successful GB ;)
At first I was wondering what were you talking about saying AT. Cassandra has one Attack Throw and it is 2BB:K which is WORTH practice -> doing 2B for CH cuz it TC and going next part for about 65dmg since after 2B CH rest of string is guaranteed :)

But I guess you are talking about this string:
(sorry for quality :S - and yes, this is not SC2 HD)
this doesn't mean you should use only these two setups ;) going for low/high or grapple to avoid GI is recommended imo

It is not a thing you should rely on imo but might bring at least some fun to your gameplay doing some unexpected stuff. I tried using it and succeed a few times but it counts imo only as long as your games are for fun,not something competitive. The execute time for this is very long and can be sidestepped. You will eat then some nasty juggle/throw or whatever is your opponent is foxy.

btw: I've seen your post in different thread about one guaranteed string with hit aka butt attack which is supposed to guarantee 66B+K but I wonder if it is 100% accurate. I'm not denying it but I fear an opponent can okizeme the 66B+K, I'm not 100% sure though.