Dampierre Setups - Genius!


[08] Mercenary
Figured there might aswell be a thread for Dampierre setups, where people can share and talk about their favourite setups.

If any mods thinks otherwise, please feel free to lock/delete this thread.


OK I have a few:

11B, 44BKBK...

I'll mostly use 66A to test how my opponents wake up, I think this combo is good, other than lower damage than the B!E! and random clean hits I think you can keep your opponent on alert and get them to guess.

Option 1: Most opponents are likely to tech and stand blocking so what I use is 66A, now I need to compile a list soon but if an opponent uses a linear move you can setup another 11B, very quickly, so it's sort of like a little frame trap.

Option 2: Go for a low follow up after a little dash post combo, I tend to use 2A+B or 1B occasionally, I might try a 1k soon and see how it goes

Option 3: Now if they choose to wake up and crouch guard, go for 623B combo, I accidently did this today and it worked quite well (or was it from another setup..?). The vid was captured of if it's uploaded I'll show you.

I've been trying to figure some CH 8B+K setups, or at least for a start getting 8B+K to KND opponents and get some oki afterwards.

Also looking into some 33B BE setups, frame trap stuff, but if anyone has stuff to contribute or correct go for it, the other SA's are filled with strategy so the pace has gotta be picked one way or another lol.

EDIT: Forgot to add, if 66A does hit them when they wake, do your usual thing afterwards;)