Exitwounds 9, The Prequel

Exitwounds 9, The Prequel
Posted by DopeDojo
Saturday, November 7, 2015 - 03:00 PM
Until: Sunday, November 8, 2015 - 03:00 AM
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[09] Warrior
Hello everyone, It's time for the next installment of EXITWOUNDS. In which Marginal has coined the slogan, "Be there, or be EXITWOUNDS". For all of you who don't know, this is a yearly tournament in Norcal. It was created because a Socal player Exitwounds said he would destroy Norcal and everyone in Soul Calibur 2 when the new Soul Calibur 2 HD came out. He told me if I gave him enough advance in time, he would show and own us. Alex.J decided to name the tourney after him, he didn't show, and the rest is history. And like always, we have great merchandise to go with the tourney to help support the tourney.


Although Exitwounds hasn't showed. Many players have traveled to this tourney and it has been a big success. Many players from Socal will be there again this year at EXITWOUNDS. Including new faces like Dr Pepper, which will be his debut in a larger tournament. One difference this year, instead of SC5 and SC2. I think it might be interesting to have players vote on which secondary SC game they want to play. So if everyone wants to play SC2, we'll do it again. But I would find it very interesting to see Soul Edge, or a different SC game. Hope to see all you there. Be there or be Exitwounds.

DopeDojo will be hosting it's third Exitwounds tournament on Saturday Nov 7 2015! If you have never been to an EW tournament then you need to make this one! We will be holding a SoulCalibur 2HD, and following that will be SCV. The Tournaments as well as before and after casuals will be streamed to twitch.tv/
Only $5 Venue fee!
$10 per tourney entrance fee!
Food and drink will be available o purchase.
Show up early and enjoy
Music, Side games, casuals, basketball, chess, and more!



Alchemist of the Ages
There was stream last time, so make sure to tune in, and new shirts too I am going to spend so much money, so I better get to winning those MMs