FFXV 2023 SCVI Results


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Wow, it seems like forever, since I've typed anything in this forum, lol. Frosty Faustings happened just lil less than a few days ago and it was pretty amazing. Had 55 really strong players coming over to show their burning souls for this franchise. Here are the results:

1 Incendiate (Geralt)
2 RonTheTryHard :sc3zas1:
3 Unlucky :sc1sig1:
4 AbsoluteForce :sc2yos2:
5 LeanXTriforcer:sc2ast2:
5 Jayforce (Groh)
7 N3cromaster :sc2ast2::sc3zas1:
7 jimmypikachuchoi :sc1xia1::sc1min1:
9 Woocash :sc3amy2:
9 ddgreen94 :sc2maxi1:
9 KNR :sc2kil2:
9 AriesTheWolf :sc2maxi1:
13 Ray :sc3tir1:
13 ItsJustChris :sc1crv1:
13 BloodRS :sc2nm1:
13 Infinicube
17 Drethehedgehog
17 Gamegenie222
17 Razora :sc3tir1:
17 DMac
17 MasterHavik
17 Grawlix
17 Limy
25 Nintenjoe86
25 K-Smooth
25 TiZ :sc1xia1:
25 JonTheBatmanHat
25 BadBadKitty :sc1min1:
25 TheWordPlay
25 Pat M :sc2min2:
25 Gigapeak
33 iTrez
33 Sinvida97
33 Ashamed
33 Kokomo
33 Anya
33 Combo_Knight
33 Mochapandakupo
33 Veedoozle
33 Rockin_Polos
33 PkmnRed
33 inverlock
33 fafnier :sc2maxi1:
33 Robokune :sc1vol1:
33 TheRisingDragon
33 BlazingCharmeleon
33 AurontheSlayer
49 Lord Advent
49 Souleil
49 Tallcat
49 Dok
49 Arete5
49 EricMW :sc1min1:

Here are the VIDS:
Here are the TIMESTAMPS plus other individual recorded matches w a link provided:
0:00 Casuals and preparing Bracket
15:11 Roll Call
20:45 @BadBadKitty vs. @fafnier
33:46 Tallcat vs. Faf
43:26 @Sinvida97 vs. Incendiate
@DreTheHedgehog vs. Faf
51:04 part of @ItsJustChrisNow vs. @TheWordPlay
53:55 @DMac vs. Robokune
1:02:35 Incendiate vs. Unlucky
1:10:03 @TiZ vs. @N3cromaster
1:18:55 @Woocash vs. Chris
1:27:42 part of BadBadyKitty(Mina) vs. Razora
Incendiate vs. AriesTheWolf
1:31:31 Woocash vs. @AbsoluteForce
1:37:06 part of Chris vs. @Razora
1:43:34 Aero vs. Ray
1:57:58 Ray vs. Unlucky (For guaranteed top 8)
2:10:04 Woocash vs. Unlucky (For guaranteed top 8)
2:18:58 Casuals

@BloodRS vs. @osocoolguy25
BloodRS vs. @Infinicube
https://youtu.be/9AftJ28KT4g BloodRS vs. RonTheTryHard

Feel free to use whatever footage you need for your own channels or streaming or commentary. Still have a few other vids saved from Pool 2 play, mostly my matches, but need @KNR @TiZ and RonTheTryHard to upload those vids from their PS4's.



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HOLY SHIT!! That's PIKAMAZING!!! Thanks for that art! How long did that take for you to do?
Around 2 hrs. I always enjoy seeing these events, although I'm not sure how many you expect 55 seems like quite a few came out here, but mainly I like to see people enjoying this series we all know and care for here as they surely should. Even if I don't myself play at all these days honestly I do miss seeing photos like these a little bit.

Many thanks.