Galen Frame Data


[09] Warrior
Hey I put some of that stuff up there...

Oh, holding G and doing 8K from standing is supposedly faster than just 8K.


[10] Knight
Yeah thanks Kosh, it made the inputting the As and Bs a LOT faster.

I didn't put the jump canceled moves in there because everyone has the ability to do them, but you could add them if you think they belong.

If you notice anything wrong post about it and/or fix it there. A body of info that large is bound to have problems.


sorry Kosh. . .

How does the LEV B+K work? do all hits have to connect of just any part of the lightning?


[10] Knight
Well, the frames given are assuming the last hit doesn't whiff. Obviously the damage is variable depending on where they are because not all the hits hit the same place. Does this answer your question or was it something else?


[08] Mercenary
Thank you for doing this. I've been compiling Apprentice frame data on my own recently and most of the data that got put up is accurate to what I've found.


[09] Warrior
Hey guys, I'm going to be learning the apprentice, and I'm the kind of player that NEEDS TO KNOW THE FRAMES I'M WORKING WITH to make good post-move decisions....this link shows NOTHING, the text has been deleted. Can someone please guide me as to Star Killers actual frame data?