Gears of War 2 (GET HYPE!) You better have host.

GoW 2 hits sometime in November...gonna be picking this up giving Cliffy's 2nd installment a spin.

Remember, according to Cliffy:
"There is no host advantage, you just suck" LOL

Seriously, I think this one may be really good. 5v5 matches are gonna be sweet, gonna have to GET KRUNK! all over again. Also the 2v2v2v2v2 mode seems like some good times too...Here's to hoping for invite or party support in ranked!

Anyone else gonna be picking this up/looking forward to it?


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Sadly I don't have a 360 but my friend does. I'm probably going to go over to his place once he gets it to cut some grubs in half.


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You mean..




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Gamefly only for me, I'll rofl through co-op with Rek (EPIC MANEUVERS!) and whoever else, then return it. I honestly don't even want to try online after the last time.
I honestly don't even want to try online after the last time.

Looking forward to it myself, actually.

I mean damn, a game I could get on with being perfectly fine and calm to ragequitting and PTing a controller. You KNOW theres something special in that.


I think if I were to play online, I'd pull a Landslide and rip my shirt in half.


[08] Mercenary
Already got my reservation. Simply waiting. Played one, few issues really annoyed me in the origional. Those have been delt with from what i hear so im in.

So this comes out next week. Debating, since Im off that saturday. To just start hosting a public room and playing it with Xbox Live and my friends list the whole day (or til I break a controller, my box RRODs, my net gets raped, etc...)

Maybe switch it up near the end to horde mode with the friend's list(most likely not but whatever)


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im on the fence about this one. Couldnt stand the last one, but I need something to keep me till the TF2 update. Dishing out some torques to the face could probably do it. :p


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I'm going to the midnight launch on Thursday. First thing I'm going to try is Horde mode with a few of my online friends. Then, I head on to Campaign.


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If enough of us are into it we should get some Horde rounds going :D I will be doing the campaign first tho... I really need to up my shooter skills.
Well I liked GoW1 until the truth of Host advantage reared its ugly head and I realized how fucking powerful it really was. Also the above quote(in the first post) was even more reason to slam dunk GoW1 as a trade in to gamestop.

Gow2 featuring something so simple as a party system, is already a major step in the right direction. IMHO.
Well well well, Glitches are back in the Multiplayer.

Stand over a weapon, A then X, move n shoot.